July 28, 2015


MaryJo C.

“Not only is this the best Dancesport studio in the city, it’s the best in the state! They offer great classes for adults as well as children. Not something you find at most dance studios. Great for the whole family!”


Larissa C.

“Booth’s offers superior dance instruction for reasonable prices. All of the instructors are spectacular and they sincerely care about their students. I am very impressed with Booth’s dedication to catering to their students’ needs…”


John H.

“Absolutely the best studio in the city! The staff are all incredibly friendly and are excited to share their love of dance with one and all. The owners, Richard and Jennifer Booth, have achieved a very high level in national competition, and are very skillful at sharing their knowledge. A very friendly place!”


Rawleigh & Lara

“Booth’s was fantastic! Very helpful and energetic about our dance and our special night. We will continue to come back and learn new dances for years to come. ”


Instruction with a Personal Touch

Instruction at Booth’s is tailored to the individual and not just a pre-set package. The teachers are well trained and will proceed at the students’ pace. I have never seen a teacher get impatient or upset if a student does not pick up even the simplest step. There is a good mix of male and female teachers to meet everyone’s needs. If you have ever dreamed of learning to dance, this is the place to come.


Janelle and Daniel C.

Above and beyond our expectations!

My fiance and I had the best experience learning our wedding dance at Booth’s. They created personalized choreography, edited our songs, and added beautiful dips and lifts. Our family and friends were blown away! They never expected that we would pull off such a performance! We will be going back to continue our dance education and exploration together, we’re hooked!


Mary M.

The instructors at Booth’s are friendly, patient, and passionate about dance. Their attitude is infectious and it makes learning there such a pleasure. The instructors are welcoming and so very helpful to all students. I have been with Booth’s for almost two years now and I can say that not only has my skill as a dancer increased, so has my confidence. You won’t find a better group of people or a more welcoming atmosphere anywhere.


Erika H.

This studio is amazing! I’m a total beginner and have taken a few classes here. The instructors are energenitc, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone of any dance experience level. It’s so much fun every time!


Mira S.

The Booth experience is incredible! The instructors are warm, welcoming, and thoughtful and can fit the needs of all levels of experience. There is a wonderful community vibe that makes it exciting to come back each week. I have worked with a few of the instructors and each one has a unique, charming approach to presenting the material in a fun and engaging way. I even learned a Super Bowl rumba to impress my friends. Thank you Booth’s!! I highly encourage everyone to check it out.


Ryan and Neha D.

My fiancé and I worked with Katie for a fairly complicated fusion medley of three songs. We both had minimal dance background and after approximately 6 lessons she did wonders with us. We felt very comfortable with both our hip hop dance and ballroom parts. She is obviously a very accomplished dancer in many different styles (Jazz, hip-hop, ballroom) but more importantly she is an excellent teacher and can explain both the male and female roles very well. She made our weekly practice really fun and something we both looked forward to. I could not imagine a better dance teacher for our first dance. My fiancé and I liked the lessons so much we are likely going to start ballroom dancing together! One other small bonus. A male teacher Tim mixed our music for us so we had a playlist to practice too!


Freddy S.

Booth’s Dance is the best possible place in Denver you can learn how to dance. They have a drilled down process and the best instructors to take you to the level and style you want to be. I joined because of Salsa, Rumba and Swing dance. But they are only two of many other types of music included Waltz. I highly recommend this place for anyone.


Sarah H.

Booth’s has been a blessing in my life! I just started dancing and had very little experience prior to coming here, but I have always been made to feel as though I belonged! They have a fantastic intro special, which is how I began. I was a bit intimidated about the idea of partner dancing-I mean, I’m an American and we like our space…ballroom requires immediately being in someone else’s bubb le! Thankfully, my instructor, Braeden Smith is amazing! He seriously has a gift for teaching and treats you like an athlete from day one, no matter your ability, size or age. You will be able to relax and have fun while you learn because he is so encouraging and kind-a true gentlemen. All of the instructors and other dancers/students are so friendly and supportive-it’s a wonderful environment! I have learned so much and have so much fun that I can’t help but find more opportunities to be there!


Alexis U.

I thought a first dance on crutches would be impossible…

My husband and I bought a living social for Booth’s Dance and made an appointment to practice some basic dance moves for our first dance. A week before our appointment, my husband broke his foot and had to have surgery. We were so devastated that we wouldn’t be able to do our first dance. We emailed them and told them we would have to cancel, and jokingly said unless they can come up with some dance moves on crutches. The told us to come in the appointment anyways, and when we had got there, two of the staff had been working on a routine all day and were actually pretty excited to try it. They helped the both of us with the moves and were patient with us. It was absolutely amazing. Our dance was romantic, fun and definitely unique! Thank you SO MUCH, Booth’s Dance, for giving us our first dance….


Chris P.

I’ve been dancing at Booths Dance Denver for almost a year now and enjoy every moment of it. Katie, especially, is enjoyable to dance with and is an excellent instructor. I look forward to continuing my lessons and mastering how to dance at Booth’s.


Terry P.

I was looking for a dance studio in Denver as a dance-gift for my husband, found Booths online, and signed us up for introductory lessons. That was six years ago, we are still happily married and still dancing at Booths! At Booths, there are many ways to learn from private coaching to group classes. The teachers are patient, friendly and fun. If you are looking for more challenge, the coaching is absolutely top notch and they will train you to be the best you can be. From private coaching to fun Friday night parties, it always feels like being at a social with close friends. Booth’s has it all. Come and join us, you will be glad you did. . .