Thoughts from Tim


Dance. Life. Sport.

The Booth Dancesport Ballroom relaunch announced last month is grounded in a return to our roots in dancesport as originally envisioned by Richard and Jennifer Booth decades ago. In the coming months, we look forward to guiding you on your journey to create your moment through ballroom dancing with our athletically-inspired approaches.

Ballroom dancesport can not only change your life, it can also re-write your DNA.  The human fight or flight mechanism protects the brain from all possible threats, unconsciously bypassing the logical thought process.  Stick your hand in a flame and fight or flight will recoil your hand faster than your brain will register pain.  Lose your balance and your fight or flight response will extend all limbs in opposite directions to stabilize your balance without your express permission.

Ballroom dancesport teaches your brain to allow your body to move freely from foot to foot, suspending, and learning to control the flight or fight reflex.  Sharpened brain and body connectivity lead to better balance, faster reflexes, and heightened awareness.  This not only translates to better, more sophisticated dancing, but also encourages healthier lifestyle choices, and promotes self-esteem.

Dancing on any level, from newcomer to Gold, may hold the keys to unlocking your full potential.  Your truest self awaits you on the dance floor.  Change your mind.  Change your grind. Change your life. Create your moment!

Join us for a group class or private lesson and let’s get started!

Tim Merz, Owner