Kids Dancesport Basics Classes Start Soon!

KIDSBooth Dancesport Ballroom Presents …

Kids Dancesport Basics

Wednesdays beginning Sept. 6

$50 per month





In this weekly group class for kids (aged six and older) and teens, students will learn:

  •  Ballroom and rhythm dance basics
  •  Fundamental actions and exercises
  •  A routine to be performed in the Booth holiday show in December

According to, Ballroom Dancesport offers many benefits for kids including:

  • it teaches relationships necessary in close teamwork
  • it teaches discipline through practice and routines
  • it teaches an appreciation and further understanding of music’s rhythm and tempo
  • it teaches economics and fluidity in movement
  • it teaches poise and balance; it teaches self-confidence
  • it teaches good dress and appearance
  • it teaches a skill and ability that will be very useful all throughout life – in social situations, in business growth, and in offering a great exercise

Call us today at 303-412-7712 for details and to register.