Lead Follow Connection with Diana

Join Booth Dancesport Ballroom’s Dance Director Diana Strashnikova for a month-long focus on the Lead/Follow Connection in partnership dancing. $20 per week or $60 for the four-week series. This group ballroom dancesport class will be held every Monday in March from 7:30 to 8:15 p.m.

Diana began her dance training at the age of 6. Hailing from Bulgaria, she grew up learning Latin and Standard, and began competing when she was 7. She quickly began to rise through the ranks, winning her first championship at age 13. She graduated from the Natural Sport Academy with a degree in Ballroom Teaching. She moved to America in 2008 and has been teaching both International and American styles at Booth’s for several years.

A lesson series with Diana is sure to propel your dance technique! Call (303-412-7712) or drop by the studio for information or to sign up.

Booth Dancesport Ballroom’s Dance Director Diana.